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A Simple Organic Recipe To Remove Mould

A great many homeowners who live in a humid climate sooner or later have to deal with mould in their houses or apartments. It may appear under the kitchen sink or the bathroom, or on your porch or terrace if they are exposed to frequent rainfalls. Their first reaction is to look for a proper detergent for the problem, but you can remove mould spots in a much more eco-friendly manner, following this easy-to-do and straightforward recipe.

All you need is one fresh lemon, white vinegar, and tap water. Cut the lemon in half and then squeeze the juice in a teacup; add an equal quantity of white vinegar. Stir them well, and then add about 250-300 ml of water. The ratio you strive for is 1:1:6 (lemon juice to vinegar to water).

You can use a sponge or a paper towel soaked in the mixture to rub it in the mould-ridden area. The acid agent of the vinegar, combined with the lemon juice, will dissolve the mould cells almost immediately. Rinse profusely with clear tap water and wait until the place dries out. If necessary, repeat the procedure once or twice.

The whole treatment – making the recipe and removing the mould – rarely requires more than 10-15 minutes.