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Spring cleaning session – DIY tutorials for home use

How to paint furniture
Sounds like a very interesting piece of furniture! The most important thing is to get the existing paint job sanded so it’s all even, otherwise your new paint job is not going to look even. You want a smooth finish in the end. Hope this helps! Full tutorial here.
How to clean an iron with vinegar and baking soda
Many thanks to the author for this tutorial!! I’m ashamed to say my iron is pretty nasty after using it for several craft projects. I will definitely be trying this out! More directions here.
Replace your regular bottle of dish soap with a foaming pump soap dispenser bottle
These are all great tips that have saved us a ton!! I already make my own hand soap, but haven’t tried the others yet. Full article in this link.
How to clean glass shower doors
I still just can’t get over how fabulous this cleaner is! I’ve been trying lots of different products and nothing seems to work well. I squeegee the doors daily after the shower and that’s been the best help so far but it still doesn’t eliminate everything so I’ll be trying this solution tonight! See more directions here.
Absolutly fabulous! Love a good DIY project, especially when its pretty simple! Really like the words on the headboard too. More instructions in this link.
Homemade citrus-infused vinegar for green cleaning
Awesome post! I am trying to use more natural cleaners and this sounds perfect. I love citrus-scented products so I can’t wait to try this out. Vinegar is great for disinfecting – you can spray it on countertops, toilet seats, doorknobs, etc. as well and don’t have to wipe it clean! Article here.

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