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DIY garden projects to make your green space awesome

Noodley beverage boat
Well done! Simple, creative and fills a need for much less than the pool stores have to offer. Epic instructions! Full article here.
Do-It-Yourself solar swimming pool heater
Brilliant job! This is a fantastic project. Thank you for sharing it. I have been planning something like this for my pool for some time now and this has given me a lot of good research. Tutorial in this link.
How to make a personal fire pit
This is an awesome tutorial founded by mistake today. Learn how to make a personal fire pit using super cheap materials. Enjoy! Follow this link for full directions.

Backyard hammock
I wish I was lying in that hammock right now!! What an awesome project! I am def going to make one. Just for me!! Thanks the author for sharing it with us. Here are more instructions.
Green roof birdhouse tutorial
Wow, that is so simple that even I might be able to do that! I’ve been thinking about doing a modified version of a green roof and making the post caps on my fence into mini green-roofs. I think the little plastic container idea is perfect. Full article here.
DIY pallet living wall
I love this. Lots of thanks to the author for the detailed instructions. I’m going to try one with succulents and one with strawberries outside. See full directions in this link.


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