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DIY tips and tricks for a marvelous looking garden

Hose holder for the garden
This is mine! Thanks for the great idea! I fell in love with this garden hose holder. The moment I saw it I knew I had to make one for myself. Full article here.
Painted rock garden markers
Absolutely loved the idea! Thanks so much the author for sharing all these creative projects. I adore this idea. So creative and colorful. See full tutorial.
Easy DIY stone planter
This is absolutely brilliant! I’m in love! I think the tomato plants are going to love their new home. Love this project! I love the simple elegance of this planter. Lovely article here.
Polymer garden stones
That is awesome! I have never made a garden stone but i have always wanted to though. I find them really cute especially with letters on it and when there are plenty of them. They could really make awesome decorative pieces in the garden. See more directions here.
It turned out so great! And what a great idea with the iron, it’s like a vacuum seal. So awesome! Can’t wait to try! See more photos and full tutorial in this link.
I love this DIY project. This one sounds as though I could do it myself. That’s what I like about it plus it’s so nice looking too! I will try it this spring so I can have some plants outdoors this year. Full details here.

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