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Easy and fun tutorials created for your garden

Topsy Turvy flower planter
How pretty and fun! IThis is so amazing. Kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with the kooky teacups! This is a great DIY. See full tutorial.
Wow! This looks great! The result is beautiful. Oh I am so jealous I love this water pond and I want one so bad! Great job! More photos and information here.
Square beadboard garden planter
That is a gorgeous planter! And I love the paint color chosen. It really pops against the gray stone on the house. Great job! I need to buy myself some more tools I think. Read more directions here.
Halloween garden chicken wire ghost
I definitely want to try this for Halloween this year. Thanks the author of this lovely project for the help & for the instructions too. Here is full tutorial.
How to make an indoor herb garden
Awesome tutorial! This is exactly what I need. My herbs are on a little table, but my cats keep jumping up there and eating them. I need to try this. Full directions here.
Lovely recycling idea! That stack of aging newspapers in the garage can be good for your garden in more than ways than one. See full tutorial here.

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